Friday, July 8, 2011

Mini haul! LUSH/MAC/CVS/B&BW

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for not posting as much. Considering it's summer - I'd rather post more? Yet It's just too hot and I'm lazy >. >
So I was reading a blog (forget who) and I saw Lady Bug by MAC. I've been looking for a BRIGHT red lately and I think this is it. (okay not brighter, but this is totally my style.) I've been looking for the opportunity to actually go to the mall as i barely go but me and my dad went to Chili's and right across the street is the mall. So my dad wanted to go to Eddie Bauer so we went. He gave me 25 bucks and this is what I got! :)

MAC Lady Bug -
Then I went to CVS for a lip stain to put under that ^
So I got CoverGirl Outlast in Scarlet (Deepest red shade.)
Then I went to LUSH and got this bath bomb called Twilight that turned purple!! 
Yeah you jealous of my 1950 pink bathroom.

Then I just HAD to see the new collections in Bath and Body Works. They didn't make quite a big deal of it, but I knew it was going to happen since they got rid of SO much stuff with that like 50% sale. So I got a new mini candle that's Homemade Cookies like last time but for normal price as 3.50.  Sooo yummy! Then a new hand sanitizer called Chocolate Creme Donut - ORGASSMMIICC! This smells like HEAVENNN!

So that's my haul - I should be putting up a LOTD tommorrow!

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