Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wide Eyed

Yeah they'res like shit under my eye but anyway it's kinda like yesterdays but I just liked my eye ohkay? haha I have to go back to camp tommorrow ughhh! So exhausting. Seriously, I've gone to bed at like 10 lately. And waking up at 9:30 and being exhausted throughout the whole day. I need my beauty sleep!  That's 11 hours of sleep and I'm dead by 7 at night. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahhhh I'm back!

Alright so I totally went out of my little bubble and went to sleepaway camp. Let's just say it's not been a good expiercence because I bawled my little eyes out the first 3 days. Ugh I was soooo homesick. I'm so fucking happy to be home!!!!! Anyway I finally did a makeup look. I went hair heat free, makeup free, product free (except face cleanser and moisturizer) from sunday to friday! I got this huge palette from sephora which is AMAZING so I did this look for you guys!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Italian Festival(:

So there was a carnival/italian festival that like everyone goes too! I did my 2 bestfriend's makeup. I didn't feel well at all so I wasn't smiling much but heres a picniked picture of us we have as our profile pictures on facebook haha.

pce outtt mofooooos.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disney Princess Tag

So I've had a shit day, I'm tired, I got a huge sunburn on my shoulders. So I've decided to do a tag.


[ x] You have/had long blond hair
[ x] You constantly day dream of another world
[ x ] You have an active imagination
[ x ] You’re very curious
[ x ] you try to show off your knowledge
[ x ] you are polite or talk very formally
[x ] you don’t like books without picture
[ ] you love or have a cat
[ x ] you tend to act more mature than your age
[x ] You have been called that you’re mad or not right of your head
Total: 9


[ ] you have/had long red hair
[ x ] your curiosity have led you into trouble
[ x ] you have a father who doesn’t understand you and you often break his rules
[ x ] you are a romantic and often your head is on the clouds
[ x ] you’re adventurous & curious over the world
[  ] you prefer sea animals over any other kind of animal
[ x ] you’re impulsive & sometimes stubborn
[ x ] you’re headstrong & strong willed
[ ] you believe in love at first sight
[ ] you are willing to change who you are for the one you love

Total: 6


[x ] you have/had long blond hair
[  ] you have been called “very beautiful” by others
[ x] you are a hopeless romantic
[ x ] you love to sleep
[x ] you are graceful & lovely
[ ] you have a very beautiful voice
[ ] you’re a bit naive or innocent of the world around you
[ ] you are adopted
[x ] you prefer forest animals over any kind of animals
[ x ] you are very kind to others

Total: 5


[ x ] you have/had medium brown hair
[  ] you love to read & you are consider book smart
[ x ] you are outspoken and a free thinker
[ x ] you value character on people over beauty or wits
[ x ] you don’t judge a book by its covers
[ x ] people have called you odd
[ x ] you have at least one eccentric relatives
[  ] many have called you a “beauty”
[ x ] you are very protective over the one you love
[ x ] you very passionate over your interest

Total: 8


[ x ] you have/had short blond hair
[ ] you live with cruel relative
[ ] you are forced to do horrible chores
[x ] you’re hard working
[ x ] you love to sing and to dream of better days
[ ] you prefer pets’ animals/farm animals of any other kind of animals
[ ] you are an orphan
[ ] you are optimistic & cheerful
[ x ] you have been called sweet or kind
[ ] you don’t speak for yourself or you’re a little submissive

Total: 4


[ x] you have/had long wavy black hair
[x ] you are fearless & streetwise
[ x ] you defend others who can’t defend themselves or are been treated cruelty
[ x ] you are or have been called “outcast”
[ ] you are selfless and only think the misfortune of others
[ x ] you value freedom
[x ] you love or do tarot cards, read palms or similar things
[  x] you love to mock others especially authority or guards or those who are cruel
[ x] you have a “sex” appeal
[ x ] you had a bad experience with someone who was obsessed with you

Total: 9


[  ] you have/had a long brown hair
[ x ] you’re talkative & sometimes talk fast
[ ] you’re charming & winsome
[ ] you prefer jungle animals especially gorillas over any other kind of animals
[ x ] you talk formally or proper
[ x ] you love or do some sort of art
[x ] you live with your father
[ x ] you sometimes talk to yourself
[ ] one of your parents is dead
[ x ] you value the wildlife

Total: 6


[ ] you have/had very long black hair
[ x ] you prefer love over wealth
[ x ] you long freedom or adventure
[ x ] people consider you a rebel
[ x ] you have a relative who want you to do something you don’t want to
[  ] you have/had run away from home
[  ] you’re stubborn and willful
[ x ] you love to or have a pet tiger
[ x ] people consider you clever or intelligent
[  ] you’re kind of beauty is consider “exotic”

Total: 6


[ ] you have/had long white hair
[x ] you are brave or physically skilled
[ x ] you’re curious of the history of your family/people
[ x ] you are caring & kind
[ x ] you are willing to sacrifice your life for your loved ones
[ x ] you’re eager to know the things you don’t know of
[ ] you have witness the loss of a loved one
[  ] you are curious of those who are different from you
[ x ] you are very trusting
[ x ] you are healer or likes to heal others

Total: 7


[ x ] you have/had long brown hair
[ x ] you are independent
[  ] you have been burn by “love”
[ x ] you’re sarcastic & quick witted
[ x ] you’re cynical and don’t trust others easily
[ x ] people consider you sassy
[ x ] you’re flirtatious
[ ] you live by yourself
[ ] you are afraid of heights
[ x ] you’re hesitant on trusting others

Total: 7


[ ] you have/had long black hair
[ ] you love the Native American culture
[x ] you love the environment and often defend it
[  ] other considers you wise beyond your years
[ x ] you are more spiritual than religious
[ x ] people consider you noble or selfless
[ x ] you are free-spirited
[ x ] you’re adventurous & playful
[ x ] You are aware of your dreams and often let it guide you
[ ] you have an exotic beauty

Total: 7


[ x ] you have dyed hair color
[  ] you have an overprotective mother who doesn’t let you see the world outside
[ x ] you’re daring & brave
[ x ] you’re energetic & spirited
[ x ] you love art or astronomy
[ x ] you’re independent and don’t need others to take care of you or defend you
[ x ] you’re sarcastic or witty
[  ] you are a bit naive of the world around you
[ x ] you’re charming or charismatic
[ x ] you’re very determined to make your dreams comes true

Total: 8


[  ] you have/had short black hair
[ x ] you are consider gentle & sweet
[ x ] you are also very kindhearted
[x ] you’re juvenile or childish
[ ] you have others who envy your beauty
[ ] you are very gullible & too trusting that others sometimes takes advantage of you
[x ] you love to sing and to be with forest animals
[ x ] you are joyful & cheerful
[  x] you are motherly to those who are younger than you
[ x ] you are consider “adorable” or “cute” to others

Total: 7


[ x ] you’re motivated & determined
[ x ] you are willing to go through hard work to achieve your dream
[ ] you love to cook or to own a restaurant
[ x ] you don’t like to ask for help
[ x ] you are respectful to others
[  ] you don’t give up easily
[ ] you often too busy doing hard work to have fun
[ ] you don’t believe in wishes, you do the things on your own
[  ] you are very persistent even if others don’t believe in you
[ x ] you are humble & grateful

Total: 5


[ x ] you love to dream
[ x ] you love to tell stories
[  ] you have 2 younger brothers
[x ] you have a caring but strict father
[ x ] you don’t want to grow up
[ x ] you have a vivid imagination
[ x ] you are dreamy & imaginative
[ x ] you’re responsible & polite
[ x] you are very motherly & protective
[  ] you are a romantic

Total: 8

So I tied between Alice and Esmeralda by both 9's. I've never watched the esmeralda movie i forgot what it's called haha, so i decided to do alice.

It's a soft brown smokey eye because Alice is like 12 in the book so she doesn't wear too much makeup. Since it was a too little for me, I added bright blue eyeliner like the color of her dress. and then rosy red lips.
okay most awkward pose/look ever but anyway that's my look (:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've had a tumblr since october i believe but I recently made one just for makeup! that's the link. Please go follow me! LOTD coming up soon tommorrow!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

LOTD/Everything Is Just Off..

I feel really off lately..
I dno if it's just summer, but my face isn't as soft and it's bumpy but it's not pimples. and then my hair it's like drying so weird. it's so messy and gross. i haven't been eating well, i don't feel well a lot lately and i haven't been eating. even my mascara won't go on properly! and i'm soo sloppy with my brushes going on my eyelid. I just don't know what's happening. It's like so off but I have camp monday so blah. Maybe a lot of excersice since it's ALL walking around in the woods. You burn 2800 calories a day but then I eat a lot too so I'll loose SOME weight.

Anyway here's my look of the day.  I took out the good picture because it looked like i had the pointiest nose ever and you could see my black heads.  T__T

Basically a cream colored lid, with a brown crease and then a shimmery brown to blend the brown out. Then bright red lips with my new Lady Bug and Outlast Stain :D

pce out. - xoxo vi.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mini haul! LUSH/MAC/CVS/B&BW

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for not posting as much. Considering it's summer - I'd rather post more? Yet It's just too hot and I'm lazy >. >
So I was reading a blog (forget who) and I saw Lady Bug by MAC. I've been looking for a BRIGHT red lately and I think this is it. (okay not brighter, but this is totally my style.) I've been looking for the opportunity to actually go to the mall as i barely go but me and my dad went to Chili's and right across the street is the mall. So my dad wanted to go to Eddie Bauer so we went. He gave me 25 bucks and this is what I got! :)

MAC Lady Bug -
Then I went to CVS for a lip stain to put under that ^
So I got CoverGirl Outlast in Scarlet (Deepest red shade.)
Then I went to LUSH and got this bath bomb called Twilight that turned purple!! 
Yeah you jealous of my 1950 pink bathroom.

Then I just HAD to see the new collections in Bath and Body Works. They didn't make quite a big deal of it, but I knew it was going to happen since they got rid of SO much stuff with that like 50% sale. So I got a new mini candle that's Homemade Cookies like last time but for normal price as 3.50.  Sooo yummy! Then a new hand sanitizer called Chocolate Creme Donut - ORGASSMMIICC! This smells like HEAVENNN!

So that's my haul - I should be putting up a LOTD tommorrow!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Alright hey guys I have 2 followers.
Woop de doo.. Now I'm still happy that my followers watch me. But anyway I'm going to give away a 25$ Giftcard to bestbuy. I won this getting my D5000 and I have no use for it so I'm giving it away!
Actually, I need 20 followers until I can actually give this prize away.
If you follow me it'll be 2 entries.
If you make a post it'll be 2 entries.
Comment what I should write about in blog posts, 1 entry.
Please follow me and enter! I'll also put some other goodies (MAC eyeshadows, NYX Lipglosses, etc.)

Pce out!

Monday, July 4, 2011

LOTD/Important News/MORE VERY Important News

Hey guys so my LOTD is boring - i didn't wear any makeup today. sorry i haven't been posting lately! I'm trying to gather ideas other than lotds/hauls. Anyway my first important notice is OMG. I GOT A NIKON D5000! I've really wanted a DSLR since I started to get into photography. Anyway MORE important news is that you could win a 25 dollar gift card to MAC on francesca's blog ( You could get so many things for 25 dollars omg. -_- So yeah go enter that!

More posts coming soon. (maybe a giveaway?)