Saturday, September 17, 2011


ew i hate flash on me.
:D Attempt at a cut crease, but it's just gel liner on the lid and Cranberry from MAC in the crease, just a sephora red lipgloss at the end :) I might do this for halloween.. idk.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm a really bad blogger..

I'm am soososososos sorry for not posting, school is stressful man! Well anyway I have a lot of shit to tell my 7 followers. I bought 3 new mac lipsticks, - Saint Germain, Creme Cup, Overtime (prolongwear) and I got my braces off! School is really hard, I'm really into bright lipsticks and mattes, I'm breaking out like mad. So yeah I decided to use my awesome winged eyeliner skills and aqualiners and do a crazy look with wedge in the crease and ricepaper on the lid.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

10 Outfits.

 I've always wanted to try leather leggings.
 Those shoes are to die for.
 There is something about this outfit that I love.
Polka Dots are in this fall and She pulls it off.
 Love the sinching at the waist.
the collar<3

Outfits I would love to pull off, try out, look for in shops.
all pictures from chictopia.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


So i've been out I know, but I went to NYC!! It wasn't all that great but heres look I did a couple days ago, just never uploaded it. :P

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Soo I've been throwing out things a lot because I don't need them. Since I'm a beauty addict, (and I owe my mom a shit ton of money) I've decided to sell some things.
MAC - Growing Trend - Fashion Flower - Worn twice, didn't go with my skin tone. 14.50 orginal 10$ my price.
Sephora - Blush Me - Brun - Amazing color, just got a new blush that fits me better, worn maybe 10 times loads of product still there! 12$ original 7$ my price
Clinique - Key Lime Pie - Used once on halloween! 14.50 - 10$
Clinique - Beige Shimmer - Only used a couple of times, nothing wrong with it just never used. 14.50 - 10$
Clinique - Color Surge Trio - Includes shadows, Pink Slate, Beach Plum, and Coffee Shop- lovelovelove this trio! Just don't use it that much anymore, slight dent in beach plum. 22$ original 16 my price
OPI - Yodel Me On My Cell - Gooooorgeous color from the Swiss Shades collection never use it anymore 8.50 - 5
OPI - Brand New Iceskates - Lovely color. never use it anymore.  8.50 - 5
OPI - Color To Watch - just has a pink spot on the side  :oops:  8.50 - 5
Milani - Neon Pink Rocks - Eh, gorgeous color in bottle, just doesn't go well on my skin tone -__- 5 - 2

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wide Eyed

Yeah they'res like shit under my eye but anyway it's kinda like yesterdays but I just liked my eye ohkay? haha I have to go back to camp tommorrow ughhh! So exhausting. Seriously, I've gone to bed at like 10 lately. And waking up at 9:30 and being exhausted throughout the whole day. I need my beauty sleep!  That's 11 hours of sleep and I'm dead by 7 at night. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahhhh I'm back!

Alright so I totally went out of my little bubble and went to sleepaway camp. Let's just say it's not been a good expiercence because I bawled my little eyes out the first 3 days. Ugh I was soooo homesick. I'm so fucking happy to be home!!!!! Anyway I finally did a makeup look. I went hair heat free, makeup free, product free (except face cleanser and moisturizer) from sunday to friday! I got this huge palette from sephora which is AMAZING so I did this look for you guys!