Thursday, June 30, 2011

LOTD/ Mini Haul!

Hallo mate!! Well this was my face today even though it's pretty damn ugly. 

I also went to the mall with my best friend Jill and got a couple things 

Jordana Loose Eyeshadow- 

Bath and Body works Shower Gel (2 bucks each! then I got one for free!) Midnight Pomegrante and Warm Vanilla Sugar my two favorite scents<3

Then I got this union Jack shirt from Forever 21 Escuse the chub.
Then I got Victoria's Secret Lumionus cheek and face highlighter.

Yeah that's about it. I will be posting a new video of me doing a makeover on Jill later  since she's coming over :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So since yesterday was the last day of school, I had a end-of-the-year party and so far it's a fail. It hasen't even started and 4 people are already here like oh okay just come early. -_- Anyway I did 2 girls makeup so these are the pictures of me and them. Me - 

 Mah face with makeup-
 Jill's eye -

So yeah it's not that great I'm like nervous to do makeup on people because I don't want to dissapoint them, but you know it's not a huge event so it didn't matter to them.
Anyway - It's my time of the month RIGHT in time for the party with btw has a waterslide/waterballoons so I'm just like FUCK.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nanananananan Cmonn'!

S&M has been stuck in my head ALL day. -_- anyway here's a (cheesy) tropical look. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot and Dangerouss.

I did a purple look today with a black crease. I forgot to add mascara in the picture so It's kinda bland but  oh well I like it. :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sephora/Bath And Body Works/Olympia Sports HAUL!!!

Alright So i did a lil' bit of shopping and I ended up getting a couple of things. I'm leaving school on Monday JUST MONDAY! HALF DAY! BULLSHIT! Okay but I got my teachers a 1$ Marked Down candle haha so I got Strawberry Patch for my favorite English teacher, Vanilla Coconut for my wonderful Science teacher, I got Citrus Flower for my meh math teacher and Island Nectar for my HORRIBLE world geo teacher. btw it goes in best to least smells :)

So at Sephora, I got NARS Pro-Prime Smudge                               
Proof Eyeshadow Base. Urban Decay's didn't really work well for me so I'm starting a new post as soon as I get stay-don't-stray and a couple more primers and doing tests on them. anyway since this was 24 dollars
I also hit my 100 points balance! I chose Benefit THEY'RE REAL! Mascara!It's actually really good if you could see the pics

Then i got 75$ Nike's from Olympia Sports I don't know what type of like the shoe though but I'll try to find out but anyway i really like them but i realllyy want Osiris shoes! Anyway that's my haul! And sorry for the layout it's all fucked up..

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Helllllo!, i'm Leslie, i'm 14 years old and guess what, make up is my passsiooonn!

That's me, fackin' ugly right? oh well, so i first got into makeup when i was 12. I was in 6th grade, which SUCKED. That year was HORRID. i had cut, starved myself, thought of suicide all in one year! now i'm seeing a therapist twice a week so i'm not like that anymore. :P ANYWAY, i got into makeup because i was really really insecure, i started with mega eyeliner and smudged it like crazy! then in 7th grade, i down-sized to tightlining, mascara and sometimes a little bit of color. Then in 8th grade, I almost never wear makeup and if I do, it's full rimmed eyeliner, and simple mascara. But on this blog, or whenever I have free time, I go CRAZYY! I love bright colors, crazy designs, anything beautiful! 
Keep on the look out for new posts, I'll try to post almost everyday, but no promises!
Thanks Loads,