Thursday, June 16, 2011


Helllllo!, i'm Leslie, i'm 14 years old and guess what, make up is my passsiooonn!

That's me, fackin' ugly right? oh well, so i first got into makeup when i was 12. I was in 6th grade, which SUCKED. That year was HORRID. i had cut, starved myself, thought of suicide all in one year! now i'm seeing a therapist twice a week so i'm not like that anymore. :P ANYWAY, i got into makeup because i was really really insecure, i started with mega eyeliner and smudged it like crazy! then in 7th grade, i down-sized to tightlining, mascara and sometimes a little bit of color. Then in 8th grade, I almost never wear makeup and if I do, it's full rimmed eyeliner, and simple mascara. But on this blog, or whenever I have free time, I go CRAZYY! I love bright colors, crazy designs, anything beautiful! 
Keep on the look out for new posts, I'll try to post almost everyday, but no promises!
Thanks Loads,

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