Friday, June 24, 2011

Sephora/Bath And Body Works/Olympia Sports HAUL!!!

Alright So i did a lil' bit of shopping and I ended up getting a couple of things. I'm leaving school on Monday JUST MONDAY! HALF DAY! BULLSHIT! Okay but I got my teachers a 1$ Marked Down candle haha so I got Strawberry Patch for my favorite English teacher, Vanilla Coconut for my wonderful Science teacher, I got Citrus Flower for my meh math teacher and Island Nectar for my HORRIBLE world geo teacher. btw it goes in best to least smells :)

So at Sephora, I got NARS Pro-Prime Smudge                               
Proof Eyeshadow Base. Urban Decay's didn't really work well for me so I'm starting a new post as soon as I get stay-don't-stray and a couple more primers and doing tests on them. anyway since this was 24 dollars
I also hit my 100 points balance! I chose Benefit THEY'RE REAL! Mascara!It's actually really good if you could see the pics

Then i got 75$ Nike's from Olympia Sports I don't know what type of like the shoe though but I'll try to find out but anyway i really like them but i realllyy want Osiris shoes! Anyway that's my haul! And sorry for the layout it's all fucked up..

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