Saturday, July 9, 2011

LOTD/Everything Is Just Off..

I feel really off lately..
I dno if it's just summer, but my face isn't as soft and it's bumpy but it's not pimples. and then my hair it's like drying so weird. it's so messy and gross. i haven't been eating well, i don't feel well a lot lately and i haven't been eating. even my mascara won't go on properly! and i'm soo sloppy with my brushes going on my eyelid. I just don't know what's happening. It's like so off but I have camp monday so blah. Maybe a lot of excersice since it's ALL walking around in the woods. You burn 2800 calories a day but then I eat a lot too so I'll loose SOME weight.

Anyway here's my look of the day.  I took out the good picture because it looked like i had the pointiest nose ever and you could see my black heads.  T__T

Basically a cream colored lid, with a brown crease and then a shimmery brown to blend the brown out. Then bright red lips with my new Lady Bug and Outlast Stain :D

pce out. - xoxo vi.

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